What Is Facebook Advertising

Whether you are new to internet marketing or whether you are experienced, you will know that there are many different methods of advertising. Traditional methods include article marketing, paid advertising (such as pay per click) and SEO.However, there is now another popular internet marketing tool which has being introduced by Facebook. Facebook Advertising is an excellent way to achieve maximum exposure and target specific customers. This form of internet marketing will reach people that many other types of marketing are unable to reach.So what is Facebook Advertising and how will it benefit you?If you use Facebook then you have probably seen their adverts which are located on the side of your page. When you view your Facebook page you will not see the same adverts as everyone else. The majority of these adverts will be specifically aimed towards your interests. The ads that you will see will be specifically chosen based on your various Facebook pages, groups, likes and interests.The adverts are small and simple yet extremely powerful. These ads are located on the right hand side of the page, running vertically. They do not take over the page, but each one is capable of encouraging people to click on them. If you choose to use Facebook ads then you will be given a 110 x 80 pixel box which will consist of a title or destination URL, image and body text. The body text is a total of 135 characters which is longer than Google AdWords.The creative design and content of your ad will play a critical role in attracting the attention of Facebook users. Therefore including an image is a great idea, as this will catch their eye.The great thing about Facebook ads is that they are displayed on mobile phones. More and more people are accessing the internet via their mobiles. Therefore this method of advertising catches a new type of audience.Facebook Advertising is a very strong marketing tool especially within the social networking aspect. It is much cheaper to use than other pay per click and traditional paid advertising such as Google AdWords. It is a great internet marketing tool to use, especially if you are new to internet advertising or if you want to try some additional internet marketing techniques.